Network monitoring and analysis

Network monitoring and analysis can be challenging for today's intricate networks carrying a multitude of applications. We help you sort out the best software and tools for network management and application performance. You'll learn how network analysis and deep packet inspection work to identify bottlenecks and trouble spots. We'll teach you about best practices for analysing network reporting in order to identify vulnerabilities and proactively troubleshoot problems to improve network performance.

  • News 28 Jun 2023

    Dubai Smart IoT unclear on deadline, but not ambition

    While the Dubai Smart IoT strategy reads like any other ambitious – and equally ambiguous – plan for the overhaul of a gulf state economy, there is still a clear message that the country is serious about technology Continue Reading

  • E-Zine 27 Jun 2023

    The politics of AI

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer both spoke at London Tech Week to present their visions of an AI future for the UK – we compare their plans. We talk to the CTO of chip giant AMD about making tech more energy efficient. And we look at optimising networks for hybrid working. Read the issue now. Continue Reading

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